Every Great Family Learns from One Another.

We’re not just a wholesale plant nursery—we’re a family that welcomes and educates gardening lovers with open arms. If the wealth of resources we’ve provided on the world’s rarest and most intriguing plants isn’t enough to satiate your appetite for learning, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are those our esteemed customers ask most often. If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered below, call our team of botanical experts at 1-604-465-7101 or email info@sekhonnursery.com.

The first step to placing an order with us is to drop by our nursery. We make it a point to welcome every customer like a family member and show them our fabulous collection of garden plants. We’ll answer your questions, get an idea of the project you’re working on, and make recommendations.

Once that’s done, all you’ve got to do is pay a [insert percentage] deposit, sign off on our terms and conditions, and tell us your delivery/pick-up date. Our experts will hand-raise each seedling for you to ensure you get mesmerizing plants that’ll leave you captivated the moment you see them!

We’re not just a wholesale nursery—we’re a place where gardening lovers come to learn about the world’s most remarkable plants. We offer a comprehensive plant encyclopedia, guides on how to start your own nursery, and much more.

We sell some of the world’s most exotic garden plants to contractors interested in creating fantastic landscapes covered in rare, exuberant foliage. Our wholesale plant nursery has everything from breathtakingly beautiful perennials to awe-inspiring shrubs from all corners of the world.