Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions must be read and understood by all parties before purchasing products/obtaining information from Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. Do not transact with us until you thoroughly understand our terms and conditions outlined below.

Terms & Conditions



Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc. is a wholesale business-to-business nursery that sells some of the world’s rarest and high quality trees, shurbs and perennials and more to landscaping contractors. We also service retail/individual customers on a small scale and under minimum order condition of ten item Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc. does not currently sell indoor plants or planting/landscaping accessories.


Placing an Order

We recommend all buyers start by using the Search plant facility on our website to shortlist the plants they’re interested in. Once they’ve done this, buyers are requested to kindly visit our premises (located at 20542 McNeil Road, Pitt Meadows, BC) to view and examine the seedlings/plants they’re interested in before confirming an order. 



At Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc., all sales are COD (cash on delivery). This means the full amount is owed in cash for all delivery and pick-up orders before plants are handed over to the buyer. We accept  all major cards and all card payments are subject to a 3.5% service charge.


Buyers interested in purchasing plants on credit must have credit account setup by submiting credit application. We  do take check payments/online bank transfers.


Buyers that wish to confirm an order must pay a deposit worth  of 50%. The remaining amount is due on the day the order is delivered to their provided address. Once our team confirms that the deposit has been paid, the buyer will be issued a receipt via email confirming their order.


Please be advised that our minimum order size is 10 items. If an outstanding payment on an order is disputed in court, Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc. is entitled to recuperate all legal costs from the buyer. An interest rate of 22% per year will be charged on all outstanding amounts due and payable. Moreover, $50 will be charged for all returned checks.



If a buyer wants their order to be delivered, the final amount due will reflect their delivery address and the order volume. Our team is responsible for orders from the moment they leave our premises until the moment they arrive at the buyer’s delivery address. Buyers are responsible for all activities thereafter, including but not limited to unloading the order properly.



Buyers that want to pick up orders from our premises must notify us of the time they wish to pick the order up at least 2 working days in advance. We cannot guarantee an order will be ready for pickup if a buyer notifies us of their intention to pick it up in a shorter time frame.


Order Cancellations/Modifications/Delays Before Delivery

Buyers that wish to cancel, modify, or delay an order must do so by writing to sales@sekhonnursery.com at least 20 working days before the scheduled delivery date to avoid forfeiting the order deposit.


Buyers that wish to modify their order must provide the following information:

  • The plants they wish to add to the order (and how many)
  • The plants they wish to remove from the order (and how many)


Buyers that wish to delay their order must provide the following information:

  • The new delivery date
  • Reasons for the delay


Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc. reserves the right to cancel or revise orders that are delayed by 3 months or more. If orders are revised to a smaller quantity of plants than the original order, a credit will be given instead of a refund amounting to the difference in the order amounts.


Please be advised that sending us an email to cancel, modify, or delay an order does not constitute an automatic order cancellation/modification/delay. Buyers must wait until our team reads and responds to the email to ascertain the outcome of their order.


Order Disputes After Delivery

Buyers are responsible for providing accurate specifications of their projects before placing an order with us. We are not liable for order disputes resulting from the submission of an incomplete order. We do not assume liability for order delays/cancellations due to causes beyond our control. This includes (but is not limited to) crop failures, accidents, and natural disasters.


Buyers are responsible for counting the number of plants/seedlings and observing their quality upon delivery. In the event of an order error and/or complaint (“order dispute(s)”), buyers must advise our team within 1 business day of the delivery by calling us at 1-604-465-7101 (Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4.30 pm)or by visiting our office at 20542 McNeil Road, Pitt Meadows, BC. 


Order disputes that are raised using our online contact form or by fax/email will not be entertained. Additionally, order disputes raised 1 business day after the order is delivered will not be entertained.


Warranty Policy

At Sekhon & Sons Nursery Inc., we do everything possible to source the rarest and most astounding plants from around the world. We also practice the highest level of due diligence to ensure anyone who visits our site and/or buys plants from us receives true and accurate information. 


With that said, we do not provide a warranty on any plant that is transferred from our care to a buyer. Moreover, we do not assume any liability for losses any party experiences because of the information provided on our website and/or product catalogues.


Buyers are liable for the life of any plants/seedlings from the moment they pick them up/receive the delivery. Buyers are also responsible for providing us with accurate specifications of their projects before confirming their order. In the event of a delivery order, we do not guarantee the quality of any plant beyond the time it is received by the buyer. In the event of a pick-up order, we do not guarantee the quality of any plant beyond the buyer’s specified pick-up time. If the pick-up time is delayed, we only guarantee the quality of the plant up until the original pick-up time.